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Shirley Artemis (Stillman) Fairbanks Born 10:10:10am Saturday, May 15, 1926

Shirley Artemis (Stillman) Fairbanks was born deaf to an unforgiving father. She found herself facing the possibility of adoption at the age of 2, only to be taken in by her Uncle, (who did so in spite of his brother’s attitude). That was the last prolonged contact either had with her family for years, with the rare exceptions of unpleasant phone calls between her biological father to her uncle, and the calls from her mother on her birthday or the rare holiday (communicated to each through sign by her uncle).
In late of 1941, Shirley applied for and worked at the Remington Arms Plant in Lakewood after school to support the war effort. She was hired as a welder and heavy machinery operator due to deafness over other “healthy” people.
She left the arms plant in Late 1942 to work at Rocky Mountain Arsenal, filling a similar position. Upon discovering the full impact of incendiary bombs (some of the primary ammunition with which she worked), Shirley became uneasy.
She then left to work for the Remington Arms Plant in 1943 until late October 1944. She continued to contribute to the war effort afterwards, but was easily convinced by her Uncle/Guardian to work afternoon waitressing at his bar and grille. Though she had periodically assisted in the operation of the bar prior to 1944, neither uncle nor ward considered it as a working position until after her previous employments.
She first met Clarence Wabash Fairbanks in November 1944 while waitressing at the bar, as her brother Ben would frequent the bar just to see if he could work up the courage to introduce himself to his sister.
She and Clarence soon fell in love. While it remained illegal for them to marry in the state of Colorado, they, along with Ben, her uncle and Clarence’s mother, traveled to New Mexico where the couple was married on Tuesday, June 15, 1948, in a small ceremony. It was just before this that she discovered Clarence’s best man was her brother. With the drama aside, the group had an enjoyable vacation before they separated on their return to Union City. While the rest had to return home on short order, the newly weds traced various archaeological sites of Indian nations long past on their honeymoon trip back home.

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