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Mildred Anne Freeman Born 5:45:37am Thursday, April 1, 1937

It would be wonderful to say that Mildred was born to a loving family, but the only one in her family who ever seemed to show her love on a consistent basis was her mother.
Where Clarence and Shirley lived through the 30s, Mildred was born in the 30s. Both Shirley’s adoptive uncle, and Clarence’s loving family, learned to live and adjust through the depression. Mildred’s father, Hank (a very common name), felt imposed upon through the ‘failing of her mother’ when it was discovered that she was pregnant.
‘Little piggy’ and ‘piglet’ were two nick names quickly attributed to the young Mildred, as she was the ‘extra mouth to feed’. Hank didn’t hate Mildred, and he did love her at times, but his harsh attitude seemed ever present. At risk of spoiling his child, he would never spare the rod. This may be one of the reasons why Mildred has such a great age difference to her younger brothers (ages six and seven at the time of her 16th birthday).
It was in this household that Mildred was raised to understand violence, misogyny and racism. Though it would be impossible to stay untouched, it was much to Hank’s disappointment that Mildred grew out of the ‘family ideals’.
Despite her father’s vulgarity and abuse (towards his own family, and other human beings), Mildred’s school life and friendships seemed relatively healthy. While she clearly had the relatively thin and eventual ‘busty’ frame that defined the ‘popular crowd’, her firecracker attitude against all forms of abuse tended to separate her from the ‘popular crowd’. This drove her more than anything to the friendships of Opal Fletcher and Allison Gomez.
Mildred’s life wouldn’t be completely turned around until February, when she was abducted and molested by a serial killing vagrant. The fragility of her self worth would be nearly shattered by that incident, leaving her in the emotional state that would directly lead up to her actions on Friday, March 6th, 1953.
Mildred had learned in a very hard way the only two true friends she had were Opal and Allison, and it wasn’t until late February that she had even considered Allison to be that close. She also learned an even harder lesson as to how vile and contemptuous her father could be.

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