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"Welcome to the 1950s! It's a time of pure innocence, where nobody cursed or sassed back, domestic violence was only read about in pulp fictions, war had no lasting after effects, and everyone believed only the christian religion!"

The world might be better if that had ever been the case.

The Union-Denver metropolitan area of Colorado is a fantasy in the sense of technology, magic and biological sciences. It is not a fantasy concocted from idealistic "memories" clouded with a rose tinted film. John Rocket takes you through the lives of Clarence Fairbanks, his wife Shirley and his niece Mildred, as you explore an alternate reality of superheroes and science fantasy set in Colorado's past.

'Hero' begins as John Rocket fruitlessly races to save Mildred from herself. The story progresses as the Fairbanks take her in, while Clarence regales Mildred with a story of how he once needed help from his friends and family.

In 'The Dragon's Reach' Millie has been taken in by the Fairbanks, while her life feels like its tearing itself apart. Clarence tries to keep his niece in good spirits, while John Rocket is needed to stop an assassin from the far east.

'Danger is a Game of Martyrs', in three parts, delves deeper into how Mildred's life has been turned upside down, while the assassin, Lilith, beings plans to exact her revenge. Meanwhile, Clarence has to balance his family duties with John Rocket duties concerning the local criminal elements and what used to be considered a supernatural threat.

Mildred and Clarence both try to pull their lives together, while John Rocket discovers the end result of the recent criminal activity in'Going My Way?'

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