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If you have ever enjoyed a story about a detective fighting the wrongs in the world, or a husband trying to help his wife and niece, you'll enjoy this novel (in fact, I've had older readers say specifically they hate standard superhero books, but loved this one). For those of you who thrive on superhero stories, this book gives you a main character who is is as much of a hero in his personal life as his superhero life.
Grandparents and Grandchildren (over 16) alike have enjoyed the historical driven fiction, as "John Rocket" centers on the family of Clarence Fairbanks. While Clarence does put on the suit, the majority of the heroics are those of every day life. Where comic book superheroes tend to put on suits to stop crimes for the name of being called Hero, Clarence uses his suit as a Police Officer uses their uniform. His motivations are not that of superheroics, powers, fighting villains. His motivations are first and foremost those about whom he cares, and helping those who are otherwise overlooked or left damaged by a system dominated by prejudice or a lack of tools we now take for granted.
So, whoever you are (grandson or grandma), and whatever you are (lawyer or comic enthusiast), give this novel a shot! You won't be disappointed. Just beware of the strong language and themes.

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